milk&co cookies

At Milk & Co. we continue to evolve our flavour offerings to consistently provide you with a fresh & unique cookie experience. Our principal objective remains the same since day one; we use high quality ingredients to create a delicious, larger & in charge, gourmet cookies that can be enjoyed by all.

Gourmet Oreo Cookies

Your cookies are always the highlight of our week especially with the Pandemic.  Your cookies are fabulous and taste amazing!

Karen Conohan

Milk & Co has the most delicious, flavourful and unique cookies I have ever had. I am a frequent customer and order almost every week and have never been disappointed. The customer service and personal touches Jordyn provides with each delivery are second to none. She is constantly innovating and creating new flavours that never cease to amazing me! I have recommended Milk & Co to several family and friends and all of them had nothing but positive things to say. There are no cookies out there like Milk & Co - they truly are as good as they look ! 

Alicia Levy

Milk & Co. cookies never cease to amaze me! They are THE most delicious gourmet cookies you will bite into. Not only are they the perfect amount of sweet but so is Jordyn, the owner and founder of Milk & Co.! If you’re looking for some drool-worthy treats, place your order now, you will not be disappointed

Hailey Green